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yggdrasil wishing
When it comes my leisure time, one of my favourite activities is my miniature game hobby. Which is basically what this journal is all about.

The hobby is about miniatures and games, but not just a single game or a single type of miniatures. To an outsider, clearly they all look the same. They are about the same scale, I paint them in similar ways, etc. But to people who are into the hobby, it is clear that different miniatures belong to different games. Each game has its own distinct theme, and the miniatures are associated with those themes.

If I recall correctly, in this journal I have mainly written about three different games. One is Warhammer 40,000 - a science fiction game about futuristic warfare, including demons and strange magic. Another is Warmachine + Hordes - two linked games set in a premodern fantasy world. The third is Dungeonbowl - a gladiatorial sports game set in a parody version of a classic fantasy world and played in a dungeon.

These three games are still my main go-tos when it comes to inspiration for miniature painting. Recently, I have discovered a new game though, which I am really excited about.

This game is called Arena Rex, and is unlike the other three because the world it is set in is a fictional version our real world, in the classical Greco-Roman cultural sphere, with a touch of the mythical and fantastical added. The game is about gladiators fighting each other in the arena, and features only a handful of fighters per side, something between 3 and 8. The miniatures and rules both greatly appeal to me, and I hope to get some miniatures to work on soon.

The rules for AR can be freely downloaded and the range of miniatures can be browsed at http://arenarex.com/.

The rules for Dungeonbowl are probably most easily found at my own Dungeonbowl fansite, http://senshichamber.com/dungeonbowl/.

To me, there is a strong link between Dungeonbowl and Arena Rex, which can explain some of the reasons I really like both games. The main connection is that neither game is themed around a military conflict. Warhammer 40,000 (40K) and WM/Hordes are both games where the premise is that two or more forces are in some kind of armed conflict, the background to which could be anything, and the games represent some sort of clash of armed warriors trying to win a battle. Nothing wrong with that as such, but when you just play it as a game, without an elaborate back story, it becomes quite abstract. Why are these particular forces fighting a war? They just are, it's just a game and it doesn't matter.

What I like about Dungeonbowl and Arena Rex is that they aren't about war - they are about entertainment. Dungeonbowl is a sport, where you control a team whose goal is to find a ball hidden in a chest inside a sprawling dungeon, and using the ball to score a goal against an opposing team. Arena Rex is also a sport, just without a ball, where you control a team whose goal is generally to martially defeat an opposing team and/or a collection of exotic beasts. In both cases, the real-life game is a full representation of a self-contained match within the fictional world, for the purpose of sport and entertainment. The models on the game board are in their respective areas because it is their profession to provide entertainment to their spectators, who are excited to see who ends up winning and losing this particular contest.

So the reason the models are fighting in the setting and the reason we play the game are fundamentally aligned. In both the fictional world and the real world, what is happening is a game. And I like that alignment a lot. It is much more satisfying for me to immerse myself in a game context where I feel like the game represents something that makes sense, because I recognise the joy of being a spectator (as well as sponsor) to the match myself.

There's also the way that both games revolve to a large extent around manipulating your enemies' positioning. When you crash into a foe, you push them back, and there are usually either walls, spikes or bottomless pits around for you to try and push them into. I find this game aspect very entertaining. Both games also feature neutral monsters as a kind of living traps (or living hazards as they are called in Arena Rex), that menace the combatants to make the games more interesting.

So let this be a plug: I really like both Arena Rex and Dungeonbowl, and recommend them to anyone who likes the sound of them as described above.

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Finally I am stirred to update this blog again, as I am in the middle of a new project, which has been a long time coming. As I'm sure I've mentioned before, one of my fondest attachements to a game is to Blood Bowl 2nd edition, and related to this has always been Dungeonbowl, a variant game released alongside monopose plastic elf and dwarf teams in a big box called Elves, Dwarves and Dungeonbowl (three things in one box, wow). Back when the game was new I started painting a team for it, but never got very far.

Now, many years later, I decided to give the game the attention it deserves. One of the fascinating things about the game is that it wasn't intended for players to make up their own teams for it - the Dungeonbowl league was specifically a battling ground for the colleges of magic, so there was only one team per college, no more, no less, and the names, colours, and player types found on the teams were all pre-defined. The game was more in the nature of a one-off boardgame that way, unlike normal Blood Bowl where players were expected to make up their own teams. In DB, you didn't make your own team, you picked one from one of the options presented.

The reason this aspect fascinated me was that it meant that you could actually build a complete Dungeonbowl set. Which is what I set off to do.

Originally it started with just building dungeon tiles in order to have a board to play on, but when I turned to the models, although I started with just two teams, I kept wanting to build more and more of the ten teams presented, until I decided that gosh darn it, I might as well build all ten.

The current progress is that by trawling through ebay a bit and raiding my existing collection, I've got enough miniatures to build a functioning basic team for all of them. Painting-wise, I am also making progress. I've got two teams almost completely painted (the two original ones, Doom Forgers and Grim Reapers), a couple more mostly painted (War Hawks, Blood Axes, Black Widows), one well underway (Green Destroyers), a few only just started (Grey Shadows, Celestial Comets) and two completely untouched (Harlequins and Storm Bolts). The biggest challege isn't so much the painting though, but the sculpting and green stuffing. A few of the teams require a lot of sculpting work, which is time consuming but will get there eventually.

Anyway, on to the pictures, which will be a selection of painted stuff just to give a taster of what everything looks like.

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Hey! To wrap up the Silver Tower and Knight Paladin storylines, both are now finished and pictures can be seen below. The Lord of Battle is going slowly, and I've returned to smaller models for the time being, mostly doing Chaos and Imperial Marines - On the workdesk are Blood Angels, Black Templars, World Eaters, Thousand Sons and Grey Knights. Hey, Marines are the poster boys of 40k after all...



Also, here is a Khorne daemon I finished recently and am very happy with!

And a Blood Angels dreadnought - love that new kit.

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Just a quick update as I am a bit excited about my Silver Tower and my Paladin both being almost finished! They both just need a bit more paint, the knight more than the tower, but the knight is simpler to paint so will probably take a similar amount of time. Here are the pictures of them both as they stand right now.

And here is the Lord of Battles as he stands now. The arms are proving a challenge, but I am happy with the results otherwise.

More to come soon I hope.
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Hey guys! I'm quite excited about building big war machines at the moment, and my tower and the knight engine posted previously are coming along well. This has inspired me to start planning out my next project, which is a mighty Lord of Battles daemon engine, far bigger than the models I'm currently working on. I want to finish the current ones before getting too far advanced on something new, but I'm excited anyway, the Lord of Battles was always one of my favourite epic models. I think it will be too big to use in games with any regularity, so it will be more of a show piece I think. The epic model for the Lord of Battles looked like this:

Anyway, here are the knight and the tower as they currently look - the tower is basically built, and just needs lots of paint and loving attention. :)

My friend Mark also took some pictures of the Black Templar army I have been painting for him over the last few years, so here are some of them to give an idea of my take on the colour scheme.

Till next time!
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Snow! Snow everywhere! And lots of pics to show.

Firstly, I finished some old things I'd been working on for a while.

The Kroot Palanquin:

My Ancient Trygon:

A couple of Blood Bowl players:

Also, here is a full army shot of my Battle Sisters as they are now:

I also have some exciting new WIP stuff - two big war engines for 40k. The first is a Silver Tower of Tzeentch that I am almost done with, the second is an imperial Knight Paladin that I just started on.

Thanks for looking!
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Brrr, getting cold again after a long hot summer! I've been keeping busy with finally getting started on painting my converted Kroot models, so here are the results. I painted three Carnivore models first to make sure I knew how to do it, then a Knarloc rider, and the Palanquin is almost done too! Pics in that order below.

Kroot Carnivores 1

Knarloc 1

Kroot P WIP6

So far I'm quite pleased, they should look great when I've got a few big groups all done up.
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Mmmm, the last few weeks have been the source of excellent weather. Warm, sunny, but breezy and cool, without the cloying humidity we had during summer. I love coolness.

Something very exciting happened to me recently, geek-wise. I have some stuff stored at my mum's house, and on a recent trip there (she lives far far away from me) I managed to find several boxes of stuff I thought was lost forever. The goods included many of my favourite roleplaying books, like Kindred of the East, and a load of miniatures. Most happily, there was my old Sisters of Battle army, plus the parts for a Blood Angels army and part of a Tyranid army.

Naturally my other projects went on a back burner and I started working on prettying up these new/old lovelies. The Blood Angels aren't really fit to post yet, but here are some pics of the Sisterhood.

Battle Sisters


Celestian Squad


Here is a group of girls I decided to paint in a different scheme.

Argent Shroud Unit

I don't actually have many painted Tyranids either, but I did start working hard on completing a big, scary model I started on years ago. It's very nearly done now, and ready for (re-)painting. Beware the ancient retro-Trygon!

Trygon WIP 2

Trygon WIP 1

I'm not actually sure if the scale is right on this one. The background describes it as being the size of a Baneblade, but I didn't have a Baneblade to hand so I just eyeballed it. It looks to me to be a tad too big right now, but nothing I can't explain away by age and gluttony.
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I seem to always start these entries with talking about the weather, so here goes - it is now June, and finally it started getting hot. Today was really really warm after a freezing cold spring, so quite refreshing, though I'm not a big fan of excessive heat.

After a visit from my friend Michael from the UK, I got inspired to do some work on my Chaos army for 40k. I started with my horde of Khornate models, stylish in their red, black and gold, and managed to complete these guys over the last week or so.

Hope you enjoy, more to come soon.
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It's now March, and the streets of Copenhagen are still dominated by mounds of frozen snow and ice and sub-zero temperatures. Kinda sucky, but the wheel of life turns and I'm sure it will become spring soon and start raining every day again. Wah!

Anyway, I wanted to post some miniature shots as usual. I haven't actually painted anything in a while, but I haven't posted here in a while either so there are lots of new things I can show.

If we start with Hordes, I've done some nice Skorne figures since last time I think, mainly Mordikaar the necromancer warlock, a totally custom sculpt of the cyclops character Molik Karn, and an Extoller which I like a lot, but doesn't actually photograph very well...

I also did a custom sculpt of a Legion Raek (cat-like monster) - well, two actually, but the second one looks better so I'll just post that one. Sorry about the bad lighting. Also Legion are a group of Shredders, little piranha-like critters that like eating each other.

For Warmachine, I am currently keen on the Menite religion, and have finally finished painting the impressive Harbinger, and one model of a unit of five Exemplar Bastions - knights in unrealistically wide armour. I think their beefiness is nice and surreal.

At this very moment though, I am mostly interested in the 40k universe. I've been converting a lot of improvised models from WH fantasy, but none of these are painted, so for now I think the best I can do is post an old Harlequin model I painted years ago, but which I fielded in a game a few weeks ago against my friend Mark - who is a saint for always agreeing to play by my homemade rules.

That's a lot of pictures, so I will leave it for now. Thanks for reading!

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